Let's go on a journey, together...

Julian is a young at heart photographic artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has quite the interest for the creative arts and a passion for capturing life through the lens of his camera. His work is a blend of still life and street photography, with a cinematic touch that makes each image truly unique. 
Working primarily at night, he finds inspiration in the quiet and peaceful moments that the darkness provides. The stillness of the night allows him to capture his subjects in a different light, providing a sense of tranquility and serenity unique to each shot.
Despite this, he is not limited to working only at night, and finds equal inspiration in capturing the energy and vibrancy of the daytime.
Julian's ultimate goal is to showcase his work in galleries around the world and bring his art into the homes of people from all walks of life. He has the hope that his images can transport viewers to a different place, where the worries and stresses of life do not exist. Through his work, he aims to provide a sense of escape and peace to all who see it.
Come on a journey with him, as he invites you to experience the world through his lens. Explore the beauty and stillness of the night, or the energy and vibrancy of the day. Whatever the subject may be, his work is sure to captivate and bring a sense of wonder to all who see it.

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