The near 10 years I've been working as a photographer has allowed me to window shop life a lot. Shooting portraits, landscapes and cityscapes amongst many other subject matter, has caused a deep stir in both my soul and mind and as a result has left this idea lurking in the back of my mind about vacant, unoccupied spaces for quite some time.
Spaces that are filled with life during the day. Spaces that are given a purpose through the various occupants and passers by, consumed by their daily routine and activities. People alike and yet, at the same time, so unalike you and I. Hustling and bustling their way through the every day of life.
And then. 
At night under the darkness of the night sky, with the absence of those very individuals, a transformation takes place. The reason for existence that these spaces possess during the day, to serve their people, somewhat stripped from them just as the sinking sun robs the dawning sky of sweet golden light.
Somewhat of a living and breathing duality.